The slave personality

Generous, mild, helpful, complaisant, attentive, accommodating, open, loyal, eager to please your Goddess Venice.

My fantasy is unlimited so if you have something in mind that appeals to me, let me know so I can decide whether it will also excite me intensively and make me feel powerful, erotic and sensual with you.

You are above all happy to see your Goddess satisfied and you enjoy any of many of My fetishes mentioned and of course you must absolutely like findom as a basic fetish on your repertoire of fantasies.

Providing your Goddess with part (if not a great part of all) of your income is my absolute number one fetish.

Only if you tribute me first, you can get my attention and my personal re-sponse.

Seeing your well earned income reaching my hands is the most sublime excitement I can get and you can give.

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